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A Happy Christmas

The Chairman and members of the Association would like to wish all the members of the Patchway, Clermont and Gauting Twinning Associations a very Happy Christmas and we hope that the New Year of 2012 will be a good year for all.

Enquiries from our Twin Towns.

During the recent riots in a few of the major cities in the UK our Twin Towns both contacted us to find out if we were alright and that the events had not affected us badly.
I replied to both Renate and Andree that we were a long way from the potential trouble spots so we were not unduly affected by the images they were watching on their televisions. Obviously at the mention of Bristol they were very concerned.
They replied, saying that they would pass my comments on to their members and their respective Mayors.

Big Thank You

The committee would like to thank all those who attended the Beatles evening in July.
As well as providing a new event for Patchway Festival it proved to be a good fund raising activity for the Twinning Association.

We did not really know what to expect, but Steve turned up with a complete band, and they gave us a marvellous evening (night). Interspersed with the Beatles numbers were a few French and German specials which were presented with the humour and style we have come to expect from our lifelong member of the association.

Fund raiser for the association

The Twinning Association is putting on a fund raising event as part of the Patchway festival this year.
It will take place on Friday 22nd July at the Patchway Community Centre, Rodway Road, Patchway, starting at 7:30pm.
It will feature the "Frog Bloggs" band who will be playing a mixture of Beatles numbers and some sing along numbers with a French and German flavour.
Please come along, the prices are £5 for "Twinners" and £6 for all others. A " Continental Buffet will be provided, but bring your own refreshment.(byob)

Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting took place on the 7th July 2011 at Stoke Lodge Primary School.
The meeting was preceded by a presentation on Bavaria, Gauting, and "Our School" by six students from the Realschule, Gauting.
As always their English was exceptionally good for 15 year old students and the presentations were very interesting.
Our President, Ian White, thanked them for their efforts and proceded on with the meeting.
The Chairman gave the annual report and then the President dissolved the committee who were then re-elected for 2011-2012.

Patchway Festival 2011

Patchway Twinning association will have a small stand on the main field for the opening day of the Festival.
We will have our usual array of maps and books showing the location of our twin towns and the lovely scenery which surrounds them.
We have no trips planned for 2011 for either twin town, and it seems so strange as we have always been very active in this regard.
However, our Twin Town of Gauting, has invited us across in May of 2012 as this is a good time to see and enjoy the Bavarian culture during their festivities season.

Annual dinner - A great success

This year we had our Annual Dinner at the Bristol Golf Club, Cribbs Causeway, and we would like to thank Win Williams for organising this years event
The evening was a great success with everyone enjoying the occasion.
The food was excellent and served very promptly, in fact the staff were so efficient that we had lots of time left over for the raffle and some "networking".
There were about 30 members present and we were very pleased to welcome Jo, a teacher from St Chads, with an interest in languages, who has volunteered to be our contact for Twinning activity within the school.

Annual Twinning Association Dinner

At the first committee meeting of 2011 the committee decided to have the annual dinner in March.

Win W volunteered to try to find a venue for the event and we have decided to use the facilities of Bristol Golf Club, Cribbs Cauaseway, for this years event.

The venue will be open to guests from 7pm on Friday 18th March, a newsletter with the menu attached will be posted out soon. For those members with access to this website the menu is enclosed. Please give your orders to John T or Win W as soon as possible. You could leave it on the contacts form on this website.

Final Committee Meeting of 2010

The committee of Patchway Twinning Association met on December 16th 2010, and as there was no pressing business, no agenda was issued and it turned into a social evening.
Members brought along some festive goodies which were consumed along with an excellent bottle of wine brought back from our twin town of Clermont L'Herault after our visit there in the summer of 2010.
It was a good year for our association, with two wonderful exchanges, one to Clermont and one from Gauting.

January Committee Meeting

The next committee meeting of the Patchway Twinning Association will take place on Thursday 20th January at 19:30 in PTH, Rodway Road, Patchway