This website was created for the Patchway Twinning Association by Gaetan Blaise, the son of one of the original twinning patrons of Clermont l'Herault, our Twin Town in France. He was taking part in work experience organized by Patchway as part of his degree course in IT.

The Patchway Twinning Association website will endeavour to keep members and interested parties up to date with any activities which are planned in the foreseeable future, with all the latest happenings in Patchway and our Twin Towns of Clermont l'Herault and Gauting.

The Patchway Twinning Association will publish its current events, including its membership newsletters, as an information source for its members and other interested parties.

For everyone with an interest in Patchway, no matter in which part of the world that you may be currently residing, an archive of past newsletters will be maintained within the history section of this website, along with the history of the Association up to the present time.