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Gauting is a small town to the South West of Munich on the road that leads to Lake Starnberg.
Gauting does not have much in the way of industry and no heavy industry at all. Many of the inhabitants are employed in Munich which is a 25 kilometer commute where you can find all types of industries and other jobs in services and administration. Commuting is not a problem as Gauting is on the S-Bahn line and all stations have good parking facilities.


As Gauting is approx. 800 kilometers away from the North Sea the weather is a moderate continental weather, i.e. colder winters, warmer summers and less wind than in England.
Last winter after the snow it was below zero from December to March. Gauting is located 580 meters above sea level, whereas Patchway is about 100 meters which makes the weather over there much warmer.


Due to the lack of industries in Gauting we don´t have problems with the environment. The density of population is not high and in the local suroundings we have many forests and agricultural areas. The farmers mainly produce milk and corn (barley, wheat and maize) and potatoes. The area is one of tourism and every year we have a lot of visitors (Lake Starnberg). Gauting is a member of an public organization of several Municipalities in our county of Starnberg, they take care of the tourist infrastructure.
The water supply and sewage purification is well organized and very good. The water from the Würm (local river)valley seems to be the best in Germany and it needs little to no processing before it comes out of the drinking tap.
The State of Bavaria is responsible for the protection of the environment and it is not left to the municipalities.


Normally the schools are organized according to the level of education i.e. primary schools (Grundschule, Hauptschule), secondary schools (Realschule) and high schools (Gymnasium) and you have boys and girls from all religions mixed up in one class. Of course there are some exceptions (in Munich) but that´s the situation in Gauting.
The primary schools are supervised by the municipality of Gauting; secondary schools are supervised by the county of Starnberg und high schools are supervised by the state of Bavaria. Children at school don´t wear uniforms in Germany; there might be the one or other exception in private schools?

Historical activities.

Archaeological findings tell us that 4000 years B.C. people lived in this area. In Buchendorf, a village near Gauting, they have a so called Celtic redoubt, which was a holy place for the Celts.
People at that time lived on the high banks of the river Würm due to local flooding. Later the Romans, who built roads across their Provincia Rhaetica, had a crossroads in Gauting with a bridge over the River Würm . They called that place Bratananium, which seems to be an old Celtic word.
In Gauting there is an archaeology association which tries to find out everything from the past, especially the Roman period and they have been very successful in finding many items such as coins, trinkets, pottery etc.
Some churches in the area are very old, for instance the church of Buchendorf is more than 1000 years old and is mentioned in the documents of the family of Charlemagne (his sister Kisila). There are a lot of documents existing from the middle ages and some local farm houses can trace their existence back over 300 years.

Jurgen Reuter, Gauting Partnerschaft