Invitation from Clermont L'Herault to Celebrate 15th Anniversary of Twinning

The Council and Twinning Association of Clermont L'Herault have extended an invitation to the Mayor of Patchway and the members of the Patchway Twinning Association to go to Clermont to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our Association.
The date of the exchange is the weekend of the 25th - 28th June. We intend to fly from Bristol to Beziers with the Ryanair scheduled flight.
To date we have some 18 members who have signalled their intention to go, and the Secretary of the Twinning, Lucy Hamid, is assembling a list to send to Clermont L'Herault. You can call her directly at the Town Hall or contact the Chairman using the contacts page.
There will be a small party from Gauting there to represent the third sector of our European Twinning.
The members who have elected to go will also be contacted by newsletter.