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Delegation to visit Gauting 2013

A delegation of Patchway People are travelling to Gauting to share in the 40th anniversary celebrations between our two twinning partners.
We are due to arrive in time to meet our French counterparts when they complete their 15 hour overland journey from the south of France to the south of Bavaria.
There are two or three cultural visits, one to the palace of Linderhof and another to the BMW factory and museum in Munich.

Coverage of 40th anniversary celebrations in Clermont's newsletter

The July edition of Clermont's newsletter featured the recent celebration of the 40th twinning anniversary between Clermont l'Hérault and Gauting. The article, shown below with photos and a translation, also includes some of the delegation from Patchway that journeyed to mark the occasion.

Delegation goes to Clermont l'Herault

A small delegation of 7 people are travelling to Clermont to represent Patchway at the celebration of the forty years of twinning between Clermont l'Herault and Gauting.
They are flying out via Ryanair to Bezier (Vias) on midday of the 29th May and returning on the following Monday, the 3rd June.
During the weekend there will be a program of events to follow and maybe a little free time to wander around the streets of the old town, perhaps meeting people they have not seen for a few years, but one thing that is guaranteed is a warm welcome from the locals.

Patchway Twinning Annual Dinner.

It was agreed at committee that as last years dinner was so well managed we would again use the Bristol Golf Club at Cribbs Causeway.

As before I have placed a copy of our newsletter No 64 on the History page of this website.

If you have not had a newsletter delivered to your home then feel free to make your choice on line and telephone them through to me. Telephone Number on newsletter.

Regards to all, John T

60's, 70's, & Beatles Evening - CANCELLED!

Unfortunately we have had to cancel this event, its proximity to Christmas appears to clashed with too many other local events and we have not been able to sell enough tickets to warrant the outlay of the hall etc.
Thanks to Steve for his kind offer to perform for us and he is quite prepared to give us another date in Spring or Summer of 2013
Sorry to those who were leaving it to the last minute to apply for tickets.

Can I wish all our Members, and Members in our twin towns of Clermont L'Herault and Gauting a very Happy Christmas and lets hope that 2013 will be a good year for us all.

Wine Tasting Fund Raising Event

Friday 19th October 2012

On Friday evening the Twinning Association held a fund raising event in Patchway Community Centre based on wine tasting, with wines from various regions of France.

Win made the arrangements for an Expert in wines to come along, armed with a selection of French wines to test our taste buds and knowledge of wines.

She and the other ladies of the association prepared an excellent buffet, with of course a good selection of cheeses (French mainly but some English if your taste doesn't extend to some of the French varieties).


Accommodation Required.

Filton Twinning Association urgently need some volunteers to host a few people from their twin towns in Germany and France.
If you feel that you can help please use the contact form on this website and I will pass on to Filton Twinning
John Thomas

Committee meeting June 2012

A newsletter will be produced to inform members of the social program being planned in the next few months

Tenth Anniversary Patchway-Gauting

Seventeen people set out for Gauting on the 16th May to celebrate the 10th anniversary since the signing of the charter.
We left in different groups, with different modes of transport so I will recount our journey by minibus.
Alex, although not travelling, volunteered to take time off work to drive us to Heathrow in the Patchway Minibus and pick us up on our return. We had chosen to travel by Lufthansa as they operate out of Terminal 1, just off the M4.
All went very smoothly and we arrived on schedule to take a leisurely stroll through the airport to our departure gate.

Anniversary Exchange with Gauting.

It is our tenth anniversary with Gauting and we have been invited to attend a celebration of this special year in Gauting, Bavaria, between the 17th and 21st of May.
We intend to travel as a group , where possible and the arrangements have been circulated in a previous communication.
In fact we intend to travel on the 16th May and return on the 22nd as the airfares are considerably more favorable on those dates, our host understand this and are always willing to host us for a few more hours.