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Hosts for visitors from Gauting

We would encourage residents of the areas in and around Patchway to contact the Patchway Twinning Association if they feel they could host a visitor or a couple from our twin town of Gauting, Bavaria between Friday, July 30th and Monday, 2nd August.
This new experience may leave you wanting to try visiting our twin towns as guests in others houses. It really is a special feeling to become part of another family, even for a short while, and become friends for life overnight.

Clermont L'Herault 2010

Patchway Twinning Association took part in an exchange with its twin town of Clermont L'Herault over the weekend of 24th to the 28th June 2010 to celebrate 15 years from the signing of the charter back in 1995.
To complete the occasion a delegation was invited from Gauting to join us in Clermont.

We all met at Bristol airport and travelled to Beziers where we were met by the town minibus and some private cars that transported us to Salle George Bressens, Clermont, for a civic welcome.

Annual Twinning Dinner

April 30th.
This evening we had a wonderful time at the Thornbury Golf Club, highly recommended, where a gathering of 23 members of the association celebrated another successful year for Twinning.

As usual we had a well supported raffle and the donated prizes and generous support meant we raised some more precious funds for the associations program in the summer months ahead.

Thanks for all your support


Visitors from Gauting - Volunteers to Host are always welcomed by the Association

We have arranged an exchange with our twin town of Gauting, near Munich, over the weekend of July 30th until August 2nd. A full program of events has been organised by the Committee over this period.

If anyone feels that they could host a visitor or two for this event we would like to hear from them.

You do not have to be an existing member of the Twinning Association and you will be welcome to attend all the events organised for that week end.

Annual Dinner Arrangements

This year Win W has arranged for us to go to Thornbury Golf Club on Friday 30th of April.
You will all have had an updated newsletter to this effect.
Can you phone your menu choices to the Chairman on the telephone number in your news letter or use the email contact form on this website.
If no reply on telephone number leave a quick message and I will get back to you.

Invitation from Clermont L'Herault to Celebrate 15th Anniversary of Twinning

The Council and Twinning Association of Clermont L'Herault have extended an invitation to the Mayor of Patchway and the members of the Patchway Twinning Association to go to Clermont to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our Association.
The date of the exchange is the weekend of the 25th - 28th June. We intend to fly from Bristol to Beziers with the Ryanair scheduled flight.

Patchway Twinning Association Annual Dinner

Last year, as an experiment, we had our annual dinner with a French Theme.
We used the City of Bristol College Restaurant and the staff and lecturers worked very hard to ensure we had a very unique and pleasurable evening.
Most of the feedback that came back was very positive but there was a view expressed that perhaps we should revert back to a more typical English menu.
As it is now Springtime I would value your comments on whether the members would like a pub, club or restaurant dinner this year.

Perhaps you could use the "Contact form" to let me know.

Yate Twinning Quiz

This time Patchway Twinning entered just 1 team and we came a lowly 13th out of the 18 teams entered.
We were doing well, becoming complacent, when we were hit with with some questions that threw the whole thing up in the air.
However our attendance at the Quiz was noted and if we decide to run an event of our own we were assured that the towns of Yate and Chipping Sodbury would try to attend.
As usual it was a good natured event, "Twinners" are generally a "good bunch" anyway!

Next meeting of the Association Committee

The next meeting of the Twinning Association Committee is on February 25th at 19:30. The meeting will be held at Patchway Town Hall

Yate Twinning Association Quiz

The Yate Twinning Association will be holding a quiz at Dodington Parish Hall on Saturday the 20th February. All teams from the area are welcome to attend.