Clermont l'Herault to Patchway May 2015

Our Twin Town of Clermont l'Herault sent a party over to Patchway to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Twinning Charter between the two towns.
It would be a new experience for some of them as they have not been to Patchway before and did not know what to expect when they arrived at the homes of their hosts.
Being absolutely honest it did not start well, our town minibus which we thought had been organised for months was not in the garage when we arrived to go to the airport!  
Somewhat of a disaster, however we rallied around and three of us took our own cars to collect our guests.
The route to the airport was horrendus, the motorways were jammed and as usual, since the closing of the Patchway By- pass, the whole of North Bristol was grid locked.
We left a message at the airport to page our guests and inform them that we could be late, however so was their flight so we were there to meet them in the end.
We had an evening supper in the Brooks Cafe, Coniston and then they went off to stay with their hosts.
On Saturday morning we attended an International Day in Patchway and the afternoon was free to go with hosts, to do their own thing.
Saturday evening we had our civic dinner at Filton Golf Course, "twinners", councillors and youth workers. We discussed our future committmnt to twinning etc. Presents were exchanged and a great time was had by the whole group.
On Sunday we had a professional guided tour of Bristol, the guide was a mine of information and I learnt a couple of things about my own town! Our guests enjoyed it although it was a bit cold and cloudy, and about half the ambient temperature that they were accustomed to.
Most of the group then went on to Tyntsfield House, a request from one of our guests who is an avid fan of Downton Abbey. It was a fantastic day out for all, rounded off with dinner and a few glasses of wine at the Chairmans house.
Fortunately the minibus was in its right place on Monday morning and we returned our guests to Britol airport.
I am sure that everyone enjoyed themselves in what turned out to be a very interesting weekend.
We have an invitation to go to Clermont l'Herault in October for a "return match" of the 20th anniversary occasion.
If you read this and are interested in joining our association please use the contact form on this website.

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