Exchange visit to Clermont l'Herault

We have been invited to Clermont l'Herault between the 2nd and 5th of October.
We are sending a delegation of around 12 people for the exchange which, although short, I am sure it will be very interesting.
All those wishing to go should contact Mrs Lucy Hamid, the address is as published in the latest newsletter.
For all those who have put their names down the flight is from Bristol on Friday 2nd October, around midday and returns on Monday 5th around 4pm local time.
Its Bristol to Bezier and return using Ryanair, the tickets were very reasonable as Ryanair has just celebrated its 30th anniversary and had a very special deal for a few days.
Councillor Orpen is representing the Town Council for this event and she will be meeting her counterparts from Clermont and also Gauting as the Mayor of Gauting will be there.
I expect we wiill be having a meeting to discuss future interaction between our towns in our tripartite Twinning.
Lets hope the weather is up to the usual Mediterranean temperature although it has to rain there at sometime in the year or else it would turn into a desert.