Turmoil in Patchway

I must apologise to all our members and friends in the tripartite twinning between ourselves, Gauting and Clermont l'Herault.

We have had many months of turmoil within the council at Patchway, which is only now beginning to settle into a stable situation.

In the process we have lost our long time secretary and first point of contact between the twin towns. It will take a while to put everything back in place but a good start was made with the Clerk of the Council in Gauting coming over to meet with his new counterpart in Patchway.

We on the Twinning Committee appear to have the "perfect storm". A breakdown in communications, an ageing membership, and a current failure to attract new members.

Who knows why, it's certainly a different world from when our twins were first formed, peace in Europe, the package holiday, mobile phones, computer games have all helped to diminish the attraction of socialising with complete strangers, who then become best friends, albeit at a distance.

Perhaps people from our generation do not truly understand what motivates the young families of 2019?

We are not giving up and intend to use social media to help our cause, lets see where we are this time next year, our 25th anniversary with Clermont l'Herault